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Terms and Conditions



  • Subject to sub section (3) of this section, a refund claim may, however, be admitted on merits after due consideration of the request by the college. If approved, the amount to be refunded shall be within the limits stated below:
  • Any time after admission, but 15 days before the date of commencement of classes, total fees excluding Rs.25000. Any time after the commencement of the classes but within seven days, total fees excluding Rs.50000/- plus Rs.1500/- per day from the date of commencement of classes till the date of receiving of the application for
  • cancellation of admission.
  • Provided, the trainee has not left the College for his personal reasons. Further provided, where a trainee has not reported or has not given prior information to the management of his intention for cancellation of admission, within the said period of ten days under this clause, he shall not be entitled for any refund of Registration Fee.
  • Explanation I: For trainee leaving the college for his personal reasons and no fault of the college shall not be entitled for any refund under this clause.
  • After Seven days from the date of commencement of classes, no refund of any nature.
  • If any Agent/broker/Counselor you give any fake Promises and you also give any money, gifts, Amount on our behalf We are not responsible. fees submit only institute account not any other place or account.
  • Where a student in a course has been admitted to the course after the commencement of the classes through the waiting list or otherwise, the number of days specified above will be reckoned from the date of commencement of classes of complete batch and not from the date of his actual admission.
  • Any student, who withdraws from the course after the date of commencement of classes for his personal reasons as mentioned in sub section (1), will be required to remit to the college, in addition to the amount forfeited, the course fee payable for the remaining period of the course. All decisions regarding the refund of fees remain with the management. The decision will be abiding and final. All legal jurisdictions will be within the city of Jaipur.
  • All right reserved with the institute.




  • I have understood all the details about the course for which I have taken admission. I have Singed the Undertaking after consulting my parents/husband/wife/Guardian and after reading all rules & regulation pertaining to the course, I have taken admission. I assure I will strictly abide by all the rules & regulation of the institute at all given times.
  • We know that this is a only private training or Coaching institute we know that this is not a authorized by dg shipping govt. of India
  • I hereby declare that the above given information is correct & true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
  • Admission cancellation request must be submitted to the admin department within Seven days from the date of admission that to in written. No such request will be entertained after seven days.
  • In case the candidate is permanently medically unfit before course, then only his/her fees will be refunded to the candidate
  • otherwise fees will not be refunded under any condition.
  • A I am fit and fine as per standard & of MLC2006 and IMS/STCW2010 and ILO convention 147 & DG Shipping Govt. of India MS medical Rules 2000 With Amendments.
  • AAA I have no any medical history if I am hidden our any medical history or I am medical unfit don't refund my total fees.
  • Candidate agrees to pay facilitation Charges, Consultancy Fees and other charges. Generally No refund of fee is permitted on account of withdrawal/ absence from college or other reasons once a student is admitted to any course of training.
  • Students should behave in disciplined manner during their stay at Hostel. Students should maintain high standard of cleanliness and not disfigure the wall, doors, and windows.
  • Students are not allowed to sit on the parapet of the hostel building.
  • Students should take care of their personal belongings. No one else will be responsible for any kind of loss or damage.
  • We know that Institute also providing Campus placement. placement always depends on market response currents trades and our performance placement and salary always depend on candidate performance & company.
  • Students should maintain proper discipline in the Hostel. Students should not misuse electric Power by using iron, extension of light
  • point etc.
  • Students should take written permission from the hostel superintendent before leaving the hostel beyond class hours.
  • Students are allowed to go to market with their guardian as per the time limit fixed by the Authority with the permission of hostel superintendent. Students are not allowed to go outside the campus at any time without the permission of the Authority.
  • Students are not allowed to use the mobile phones under any circumstances as per Hostel rules.
  • Students are allowed to meet the guardian whose name is mentioned in the Application form only on Sunday.
  • Fees once paid are not refundable under any condition.




  • Ragging in any form or time is prohibited in the campus as well as in the hostel and all trainees is asked to adhere to this rule. Physical abuse and assault is not permitted.
  • Smoking and use of alcohol is strictly prohibited.
  • Trainees are not allowed to carry or use cell phone within classrooms, laboratories, and workshop in the academic block. However, the usage of cell phones is permitted within the hostel block.
  • All trainees are advised to maintain the environment clean and not to litter campus. Garbage shall be disposed within the
  • designated spaces. In case candidate not submit the fees within one twenty days date of admission this Admission will forfeited or we are not
  • responsible for Campus placement.
  • Late fees are also Applicable as per institute rule five hundred rupees per day and after seven days thousand per day.
  • Trainees shall at all times be suitably attired. Uniform shall be worn for all classroom sessions. Prescribed overalls shall be used in laboratories and workshops.
  • Writing on walls, toilets, roads and pasting of posters on the walls is strictly prohibited.
  • Sexual harassment is seen as a very serious offence. Trainees are advised not to indulge in sexual harassment in any form.
  • Discipline and decorum should be maintained in institutes functions, passing out parades, seminars, dignitaries visit etc.
  • Strikes and Picketing is not permitted. Any grievances shall be reported to the Course-in-Charge or Wardens.
  • We will assist all the candidates in the placement procedure.
  • Placement waiting duration minimum eighty days after you submit the resume.
  • Use of Internet within the campus for the purpose other than academic related activities is not permitted.
  • Trainees shall not cause any damage to the infrastructure, facility, equipment or amenities within the campus premises. Any such loss or damage shall be recoverable from the trainee/s. A willful act shall also be reported to appropriate authority or sponsors as an act of indiscipline.
  • Candidate are expected to act honestly and ethically in their dealings with staff, employees, consultants, contractors, volunteers and other trainees;
  • Carriage, consumption and usage of Narcotic drugs is a very serious offence under the National Laws. Any such case shall be dealt the in most serious manner and shall be reported directly to the Narcotics Bureau.
  • Institutes tuition fee, hostel mess charges and other charges should be paid in advance.
  • Admission cancellation request must be submitted to the admin department within seven days from the date of admission that to be in written. No such request will be entertained after seven days.
  • In case the candidate is permanently medically unfit, then only his/her fees will be refunded to the candidate otherwise fees will not be refunded for any condition.




  • Students have to abide by the rules and regulations framed by the Institute
  • Students are to be present in their prescribed uniform.
  • Students are subjected to highly discipline.
  • Students are expected to observe norms of good behavior
  • Students must be punctual and regular in their attendance.
  • We offer campus placement after successfully passing our training program.
  • No students shall be allowed to appear at the campus Placement unless he has 90% attendance in his classes.
  • A student must submit a written application for leave.
  • If a student found absent continuously for more than five Days without any information, his/her name will be struck off from the institute without any notice.
  • All prerequisite equipment's and gadgets/Tool kits for practical are supplied by the Institute
  • Students should not attempt to rectify any problem in the workshop on their own, but bring it to the notice of the statt. A disciplinary action will be taken against the student it he found to be involved in any illegal or unauthorized activities in the Institute.
  • Student has to pay for the damage made by him to the institute property.
  • We are not creating job we make an opportunity candidate have to option give unlimited interview every shipping company
  • have some policy and rules and regulation.
  • Trainees should handle machinery and equipment with care and in case of any damage due to negligence of the trainees: he/she has to bear the damages.
  • The institution will not responsible for any mishappening accruing in the institution, workshop or in the Laboratory.
  • The trainees must care of their training. In case the trainees does not show any satisfactory improvement after warnings, he, she will be expelled from the training.
  • The Trainees should abbey the order of the officers in case he fails to do so he will be fined or expelled from the institution.
  • The trainees found involved in any upward activity such as smoking, drinking gambling, misbehaving with other trainees and staff
  • within the premises of the institution, will be dealt strictly. The trainees must produce authentic certificates at the time of admission in case of any kind tampering with the certificates is found
  • at any stage, the training will be cancelled and legal action will be taken. If Police case is registered against any trainee during the period of training, the principal, will have full right to expel the trainee
  • immediately from the training. All the disputes will be dealt within the jurisdiction of Jaipur Rajasthan only.



About The Placement

Merchant navy institute and training center has created the market of trust and not illusions. We assure you the best placement at highest packages accompanied by raising graph. We have an active placement is highly dependent on the performance of candidate and his capabilities to hold the position. We also ensure Placement assistance to each of our candidates you can approach us with the same and we shall help you sort then out. Our coaching institute is your next step to excelling career.

Compensation and salary: We do not provide any Compensation, Stipend or salary at the time of your offline and online training in the institute. However, at the time of your training/ job, the training or placement company will provide you with a Stipend of approximately up to 1000 dollar per Month as per your company rules and this is estimated and an ideal stipend according to industry standards and is also dependent on performance, market response and current trends.


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