Refund and Cancellation

1. I have understood all the Details about the course for which I have taken admission. I have Singed Undertaking after consulting my parents/husband/wife/Guardian after reading all rules & regulation pertaining to the course for which I have taken admission. I assure. I will strictly abide by all the rules & regulation of the institute.

2. I hereby declare that the above given information is correct & true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

3. Admission cancellation request must be submitted to the admin department within ten days from the date of admission that to be in written. No such request will be entertained after ten days.

4. I know that a fee once paid is not refundable.

5. In case the candidate is permanently medically unfit, then only his/her fees will be refunded to the candidate otherwise fees will not be refunded for any condition.

6. I hereby agreed to pay facilitation Charges, Consultancy Fees and other charges.

7. Generally No refund of fee is permitted on account of withdrawal/ absence from college or other reasons once a student is admitted to any course of training.

8. Where a student in a course has been admitted to the course after the commencement of the classes through the waiting list or otherwise, the number of days specified above will be reckoned from the date of commencement of classes of complete batch and not from the date of his actual admission.

9. Any student, who withdraws from the course after the date of commencement of classes for his personal reasons as mentioned in sub section (1), will be required to remit to the college, in addition to the amount forfeited, the course fee payable for the remaining period of the course.

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