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Sponsors Companies

Some reputed shipping company organizes Sponsorship Test and select candidates for Sponsorship. Basically “Sponsorship” is Job, Placement & Training assurance in WRITTEN given to a candidate who successfully clears all the phase of “Sponsorship Test” organized by any D.G Shipping Licensed shipping company. Generally “Sponsorship Test” is completed in 3 Phases as follows: 1. Written Offline/Online Test 2. Psychometric/16 PF Test 3. Personal Interview & 4. Medical Examination (By D.G Approved Doctor) Candidate who successfully passed all phases are then “SPONSORED” by the Company and issued “Sponsorship Letter”. Benefits Of getting “Sponsorship” In today’s scenario, Almost no shipping companies recruits any fresher candidates, who completed the pre-sea course as a “NON-SPONSORED” So they have to face of a lot of problems in getting jobs. Joining any Merchant Navy course as a “SPONSORED” candidate will 100% assures your Job & Placement after successful completion of course. So in short “Getting Sponsorship from any approved shipping company will secure your present & future as well. We strongly Recommend: We” strongly recommend that each and every candidate, keen to join any Marine/Merchant Navy Course should must get SPONSORSHIP , From any reputed shipping company and then only should take admission into any D.G Approved college for Pre-Sea training.

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